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This Village notice board is where your feedback and items of interest can be displayed for others to see and comment upon.  Send us your input via the Feedback Page.  You can raise subjects of village interest, make observations, ask questions, or notify the community of items lost or found.  The more it is used the more useful this notice board will be.   We reserve the right not to display any item we feel may be offensive or distressing to others.

Notice Board

Housing Development in Bugbrooke 6/3/10,  18/3/10, 21/3/10

Peter & Thomas Morris born 1921

Stitch 'n' Bitch Club 22/8/08

Book Club 22/8/08

Family History  1/6/08

Policing Correspondence.       22/5/08  3/6/08   6/6/08

Correspondence on Stan Clark's articles  8/1/08   9/1/08  15/1/08

Pizza Van     28/11/07 

Feedback from Southern California    20/11/07    23/11/07

Grumpy Old Women    13/8/07

Grass Snakes in the Garden   7/8/07

Acknowledgements        14/6/07

Parish Council Minutes  13/3/07    15/3/07    19/3/07

Johns Road Field            7/3/07    19/3/07     22/4/07   9/4/08    12/4/08

Lost Keys                     16/2/07

Cricket Club Fixtures    16/2/07

Badgers Close                6/2/07


From Alan 21/3/10

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the recent Planning meeting and so have been reading with interest other peoples comments.

Understanding that future development of Bugbrooke and surrounding villages is inevitable, I am someone who doesn't wholly object. This said, I do find the suggestion of 600+ homes highly objectionable.

What I would like to know is, WHY? with the villages current infrastructure clearly being inadequate, our elected representatives think the village can withstand an addition as large as the one being tabled.

We do not (currently) have the required capacity in our shops, schools or medical facilities to accommodate the more reasonable suggestion of 200+ homes.

Our roads and pavements are in the worst condition I can remember in the 37 years I have lived here. Will this rectified before another 600+ vehicles* are added to our roads? I doubt it. (*1000+ if you work on most households now having two vehicles).


Shaun Walton,                                 25 SmitherWay,           NN7 3PT 

I don't know whether a few comments on my thoughts on the planning meeting are of any interest - but i thought i'd send them anyway.)                 

I regret that Wednesday's public planning meeting didn't do much to reassure me that the village environment is in safe hands regarding development.  Firstly i'd say that there was potential bias as both the speakers have an interest in keeping the development ball rolling as their jobs depend on it. The chap from SNDC droned on about difficult procedural technicalities and agreed directives, but i'm not sure that this is what the average villager is interesred in.  The only member of the audience that looked as if he might actually ask some cutting and relevant questions was thrice shouted down by the speakers. Another questioner accused us all of being NIMBYs, when in fact, many are very concerned about the general environment and the un-sustainable rates of expansion that threaten its (and our) future.   I wondered if councillors were aware that, over the last century, Bugbrooke has twice doubled in size? It has more than doubled since the 1960s. It doesn't take Einstein to work out that this cannot continue either on a village level, or in the wider world.   I also wasn't impressed with the other audience member who suggested that we all had our chances to object at parish council meetings. Had i the energy and confidence to open my mouth at this point, i would have told him that many people have families and long working hours that must take priority out of necessity. A big turnout should show our elected representatives the level of local feeling about un-democratically imposed development but it appeared, at least to me, that councillors were still not fully acknowledging the drift of public opinion. By their own admission, almost with open arms, the parish council appear to be welcoming up to 111 houses. The logic that this gives us leverage against further future development is extremely flawed as it's obvious that those profiting from development will see this as a submissive gesture from the local council, therefore giving the green light to push for more development hence more profit at the expense of the village and its environment. I was also dissappointed that some members of the public have been successfully persuaded to accept the 111 figure based on the fact that the rules are set by those further up the pyramid of power. I did notice that all official representatives blame developmental imposition on someone higher up in government. To say that we are just doing as we are told by those further up the command chain is not a good enough excuse for innaction or unchallenged compliance. Those who worked in wartime concentration camps have been known to give the same excuse.  There was no mention of the "pre-application discussions in respect of 222 dwellings in the village," as mentioned in November parish notes, and i regret that i failed to speak out to point out that the WNJPU wouldn't waste time and money on these consultations if they didn't think there was a chance of implementation of the potential site proposals.     This is why councillors should be at the forefront of leading and showing development quangos etc, that Bugbrooke can offer a strong opposition. I thought that the message might get through when many people protested on development, by voting for me a few years ago, but instead it looks like we have a Chamberlain style appeasement regarding the developmental profiteers.   If we need more evidence that the electorate are opposed to housing developments then  i'm considering getting the support of a handful of parishioners to initiate a parish referendum under the conditions of the 1972 Local Government Act, schedule 12, part 3, paragraph 18. This would be trouble and expense but would prove the consolidated and democratic public opposition to these imposed developments. Tony Benn always says that true change begins with grass roots politics, so it should be a councillors duty to represent grass roots opinion by taking a stand against un-beneficial agendas imposed from above. I realise that councillors have limited power, but they do have the power to act as a mouthpiece of the electorate rather than hiding behind the psychological barriers of bureauocracy, rule and regulation. 

                My comments are nothing personal and are aimed at elected representatives on every level. It's easy to criticise, but having made my criticisms i'd like to thank everyone for their efforts in organising the meeting and the increased effort and transparency in keeping the electorate informed.                                 Shaun Walton. 0A

I've just read the parish council response (posted on Link website,) to the West Northants Development Corporation's (WNDC) consultation paper on potential development sites that could possibly be imposed on Bugbrooke, and other planning policies and proposals put forward by the district council.
I was particularly annoyed by the sentence, "When the 111 target has been met, then the chance of objecting to other large scale developments will be greater."
This seems like very flawed logic and my opinion is that allowing the building of 111 houses without much protest will have precisely the opposite effect. It will be seen by those who stand to profit from development as a green light to push for more development, safe in the knowledge that there is weak opposition from local councillors. "Give em' an inch, and they'll take a mile," as my mum sometimes says.
I realise that there are some locals who would like to see more housing, but I'm quite sure that a vast majority are opposed to most new development. For this reason I think that local councillors should do as much as possible to represent the electorate by keeping us well informed and taking a lead in campaigns to oppose unwanted over-development.
The WNJPU have cited several sites around the village that could have the potential to impose delivery of over 600 new dwellings, if they were all implemented. These are only potential developments and are by no means written in stone, but it must be realised that the WNJPU will not waste time and a great deal of money on a consultation if there isn't the possibility of implementing it. Some of the sites would see the village extend into farm land, dog walking areas and sites of natural beauty and conservation.
My son helped me create a web page ( www.bugbrookesaysno.org ) in an effort to inform people of the potential threat to our environment as I was concerned that information wasn't reaching enough of the village, therefore denying villagers the opportunity to voice their concerns in time for the consultation end. I hope that the message at least got through to some and they were able to make comment.
I think that Bugbrooke needs organised and consolidated opposition so that we can present a united front to the advocates of development. It's likely that their agenda will have been discussed years in advance of notice to councillors and the public via planning applications, and it will certainly be too late to protest after planning approval or when foundations are being laid.
I would suggest that those who want to protect the local environment should make their voices heard sooner rather than later, or we might eventually find ourselves living in a small town instead of a large village. If you consider the expansion rate of Bugbrooke over the last century, then you will realise that this statement is more than a flippant remark if that rate of expansion were to continue. Surely this is not the legacy we want to leave our future generations?

 Shaun Walton.

Eric Medcraft 12th February 2009

Lack of gritting. Bugbrke to Kisle. Why is this road omited from the gritting process?Its the main outlet to town. It serves 3 schools.Its a major bus route.Urgent action is required to remedy this problem.We pay for the service but the Highway Agency does not deliver. The same applies to pot holes in many Bugbrke roads.its about time this village started to recieve services we pay for.

Mike Phillipson  3rd February 2009

I have just read the note in the latest  LINK and whilst I was abroad during the recent birdwatch, I thought you might be interested to know that on 5th January, we were visited by a flock of 15 Waxwings which we were able to observe for about 25 minutes as they ate red berries in our garden.

Peter & Thomas Morris born 1921

Hi, I am trying to find out what happenedd to my father's younger brother Peter, and their parents. My father's name is Thomas Henry Morris, born 17/10/1921. He thinks they were killed in a car crash? in 1926?
  Peter and Thomas were born in Bugbrooke.
  regards Alistair  01323 416256 or use the feedback form

Stitch 'n' Bitch Club 

Laura Pugh  07971 166421

Stitch 'n'  Bitch Club - Any kind of stitchers / knitters / sewers.  From beginners to the experienced - all are welcome.  Advice and general chat a must! 
The 1st Tuesday of each month at the Five Bells, Church Lane, Bugbrooke 7.30pm.  First meeting Tuesday 7th October. Call for more information


Book Club

Laura Pugh 07971 166421

I would like to set up a Bugbrooke Book Club  in the village to meet once a month.  I would like to know if anyone would be interested - maybe meeting the 3rd Thursday evening of each month, everyone takes it in turn to choose a book then everyone reads it and we meet up to chat about it.  This would be an informal club, the only thing would be that you have to read the book and turn up regularly!

The book club will be the third Thursday of every month at the 5 Bells.  First meeting Thursday 16th October 7.30pm

Family History

Pamela Smith 1/6/08

I am doing some research on my family history and find that John Wheeler, the candle maker and Baptist minister was my 4xgreat grandfather. If you know of anyone with further details or pictures I'd be grateful if they would get in touch with me.


Geoff Cooke 6/6/08

The LINK Police article had an incorrect web reference at the end of it.  If you follow this link to http://www.northants.police.uk/beatstats/ and then open the PDF against Beat Stats -by beat, and then do a search for Bugbrooke, you will see all of the statistics for the Bugbrooke beat.  Interesting reading, and presumably reflecting the fact we have Campion in the village.  


Chris Groves-Kirkby  3/6/08

"Crime Down in Northamptonshire" - Link, June 2008.
BUT .....
if you look at the Northamptonshire West Crime statistics on the Northants Police Web-Site at http://www.northants.police.uk/sct_run.aspx?id=19111 
you will read:

"Daventry Area:
Overall all crime in Daventry and the surrounding areas increased by 7.1 per cent in 2007/08 – 368 more crimes.
Household burglary rose by eight per cent (30 more offences), however, there was an encouraging fall in vehicle crime – down 13 per cent or 103 fewer crimes.
Offences of violence increased by nearly a third while the number of robberies fell by 23 per cent.
Incidents of criminal damage increased slightly by 3.6 per cent (40 more offences)."

Looks like a rather selective view of falling crime figures to me!

Stan Clark's Articles


Thanks to your office I've been in touch with Stan clarke and now Ken Gardner phoned me today If I send you a email about my early days in the Village It might need some-one to edit it would that be o.k.

John Leach 15/1/08

Thank you for your quick reply. Stan gave me a bell tonight we had a very long chat on the phone I now have his phone Number and will be in touch on and about my time spent in the Village during those dark days we all had in those war years. He wants me to put pen to paper for which I will do in my own time because their was so much going on within the Village, We did have German P O W's working for Belgrove's what we got for a bar of soap was nobody's business. More on that later on.

John Leach 9/1/08

I lived in Bugbrooke from 1940 until 1947 when I was called back to Dr Barnardo's.   Me and Bill French was not evacuees but boarded out to 4 Gilkes Yard, to Mrs Laura Clark. Boy! Has Stan Clark rung a few bells about the old Village. I was the little lad who was under the belfry door when that thunderstorm hit the spire. There was only Mrs Clark and me in the churchyard that evening in July 1940.   I can come back on that evening anytime as I recall it.  Maybe you might be able to put Mrs Clark's name right and that evacuee's bit right on Stan page's because both Bill & me was Dr Barnardo's boys. Many Thanks

John Leach  8/1/08


Pizza Van

Does anyone know what is happening with the pizza van man? - or any other type of take away service in the village - I keep seeing it mentioned then nothing since!

Laura Pugh, 28/11/07

Reply - Laura,

As far as we know the pizza van has not reapplied for the license.  The PC minutes refer.

More Feedback from Southern California

My earlier comment about being delighted at having found this webpage was very much an understatement.  I was, and still am, actually thrilled beyond words.

And, I will not be the only one who is so thrilled.  The Curtis families in the village may not be aware, but there is an active Curtis/Curtiss Society and Curtis DNA Project in the US, with many of the members being descendants of a common Curtis ancestor who emigrated from Bugbrooke.  Others with whom we share a common ancestor from even earlier emigrated from Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  There are a lot of people for whom this is going to be very exciting.

Thanks to the editor at a Northamptonshire website, I have recently been able to acquire a copy of "Bugbrooke 2000 BC to 2000 AD", published by the Bugbrooke Historical Society.  What a treasure. 

Thank you, again, so very much for this website and all the time and effort you put into it.  It is a God-send to me.


Feedback from Southern California

Just had to let you know how delighted I am to find this site.

My mother was a Curtis, whose ancestors emigrated from Bugbrooke in the late 1600s.  I am planning a trip to England next June and will be staying in the area for a week - for the purpose of experiencing the area and accomplishing any research possible. 

I would dearly love to correspond with any Curtis families in Bugbrooke, should any be willing and interested in doing so.

Phyllis McLaughlin  
Southern California

Grumpy Old Women  

Am I the only person to feel that the Link magazine has developed a slightly grumpy tone in recent editions? The suggestion by the editor that the regular "Grumpy Old Women" item should spawn a "Grumpy Old Men" slot surprises me. Also the article entitled "With Deep Regret" is very much in the same depressing vein. Is Link's target audience the middle-aged and elderly in the village, and only those who are disgruntled? Is there no one living in Bugbrooke with a happier point of view? The results of the village survey certainly suggest that Bugbrooke is generally a good place to live, so why harp on about the few minor irritations. Yes, other people can be annoying, but wouldn't we rather live in a community instead of alone in splendid isolation. Come on Link, think more positively! We are not all downhearted

No name provided

Grass Snakes in the Garden

I saw a young grass snake come out of our garden pool.  Is this unusual ?  Has anyone else in the village seen them in their garden ?

Geoff Cooke


14/6/07 BRUFC would like to say thank you to the following companies and people for donating a
Prize for the 2007 Grand Raffle.

Rose-Marie Griffith
A&M Washing Machine Services, Nether Heyford
Boyson Construction
The Wharf, Bugbrooke
Lisa Mayer Beautician
Lynn Poulson Beautician
Cherenee Florist, Bugbrooke
The Globe Hotel, Weedon
The Five Bells, Bugbrooke
Pet Shop, Bugbrooke
One Stop, Nether Heyford
Bugbrooke Pharmacy
Kelly’s Hairdressers, Bugbrooke
Bliss Lane Nursery, Flore
Brinjal Indian Restaurant, Weedon
Heyford Meats, Nether Heyford
Queen Victoris, Gayton
Holiday Inn, Flore

Parish Council Minutes

Date 13th March 07, Time:    11:25:05
I note that the Parish Council minutes are for January. As we have just had the March meeting, is it possible to get the prior months minutes published earlier?


Keith Pallett

Thanks for your feedback.  I don't think we would be allowed to put the minutes on the web site until they have been signed off the following month.  I expect therefore to be putting the February minutes up in the next few days.
However I have copied this to Emma Bignell, and perhaps she could confirm what I say.

Geoff Cooke, for Bugbrooke Link  15/3/07



'Yes Geoff you are absolutely correct, the minutes are posted once they have been formally approved by the Council at their next meeting, therefore they are always running a month behind. This is exactly the same as if you were to read them on the village notice boards or vistied the Parish Office to look at them. The most up to date way to find out what is going on is to attend a PC meeting, parishioners are always most welcome and there is 10 minutes public question time set aside for comments & questions.'

Cheers - Emma  (Clerk to the Parish Council.)  19/3/07


Johns Road Field

12th April 2008 from Malcolm Shipman

This is possibly the same thing although I don't take the C&E. Certainly
residents of Waggoners Way have all received official letters from the NCC
with a plan of the land proposed for registration. There is also a more
detailed notice on the gateway to The Field at the bottom of Johns Road. All
very strange when I thought this land belonged to a Trust.

Reply from LINK to Malcolm,

I assume you are referring to the Public Notice in the C&E on Thursday.  I
have'nt seen this myself, but I am told the Parish Council knows nothing
about it.  They are trying to find out more and I will let you know when I

Geoff Cooke

9th April 2008 from Malcolm Shipman

The "Applicaion to register the field at the bottom of Johns Road" letter
from the NCC (4th April) was somethiong I was not expecting. I have not seen
anything mentioned in the Parish Council affairs. Can any further light be
shed on this please? Is it supported by the Parish Council?

22nd April 07  Note from Emma Bignell, Clerk to the Parish Council

Because of the considerable concern over the future of this land, I have spoken at length with the Planning Policy Officer at South Northamptonshire Council to gain an up to date report on planning policy in the district. He confirms that the land at the end of Johns Road is outside the village boundary and no plans have been submitted to develop it.

 However whilst the County Structure Plan is technically in place until 2016, which is the main planning policy document that the district and borough councils draw from to create their own planning frameworks, he acknowledged that in recent years, new government guidance has been issued regionally which has had a profound effect on planning frameworks. The most significant of these is in respect of new housing and the levels at which this has been set. The ’Regional Spatial Strategy’ has therefore superseded many local plans and placed greater pressure on local Borough & District Councils in terms of housing allocation.

 So what does all this mean for Bugbrooke? Within the next 12 to 24 months South Northamptonshire Council will be required to review their planning policies. They will look at potential locations for new housing in all the villages across the district and go out to public consultation. It is therefore vitally important that the parish is aware of all potential development sites, this may include the land at the end of Johns Road. However it will undoubtedly also include other Greenfield sites and we would like to have advance views from parishioners of preferred options (if any), so that we can be ready for the public consultation. Therefore we would like to invite you to the Parish Plan Exhibition on Tuesday 1st May between 2 & 8 pm at the Community Centre to express your views on whether you think Bugbrooke should expand & if so, where you think future housing should be located.

 Emma Bignell, Clerk



19th March 07   Response to the letter below. 

 Emma Bignell the Clerk to the Parish Council on the March 12th Parish Council Meeting:-

We had around 80 parishioners present at the start of the March meeting. There appears to have been a lot of concern as to why this field has been cleared. I have received a response from the land agent for the Harrison Trust (who own the land). He confirms that the land has been cleared following complaints from local residents about noise and nuisance and so that it can be put back to grassland. It is outside the village boundary and is designated 'open countryside' so there is no possibility of it being built upon over the next few years. The land is not 'conservation area' land nor did any of the trees have preservation orders on them. It is agricultural land and will remain as such until the current planning development framework set by South Northamptonshire Council expires in 2016. If after that time there were to be any change to the status of this land, then there would need to be public consultation and the Parish Council would ensure that all residents had the opportunity to comment. The other matter which was noted, is that the public footpath which runs across this land is likely to be reinstated but in its correct position around the edge of the field, which should make it easier for walkers to stick to. I hope this helps to clarify the issue and reassure residents that the land is not going to be developed upon in the near future. 


7th March 07

Are you interested in why the field at the bottom of Johns Road has been cleared ?

Do you want to have a say in what is happening in our village ?

The Parish Council meeting is on Monday 12th March in the Green Room at the Community Centre 7.30pm.  One of the points being raised is the field.

Please go along and voice you opinion - because your opinion counts !!!

Jennie Jones 7th March 


Lost Keys

I had lost my car keys on August 17th probably on footpath past Florist shop, on the days following I enquired at local shops including the Post Office but to no avail. 10 days later I was given them back at The Stores by The Green. I would like to thank the person who handed them in if they would like to get in touch. Also I would suggest that any lost item is always taken to the same place, The Stores, which are open longer hours & the owner would stand a better chance of getting their property back.  The management of the Stores have agreed to this suggestion.

Peter White 830452


Bugbrooke Cricket Club

Full 2007 Fixture List for 1st & 2nd X1's League Matches are available on www.bugbrooke.play-cricket.com  

Peter White

16th February 2007

Badgers Close ?

Hi, I thought you may like to know this for your Nature Notes and if anyone else has spotted this creature roaming the streets in the early hours.

This morning at about 4.45am we heard noises outside and had a look to see what it was as we had had an intruder (of the thief kind) in our garden in October. On inspection we found a Badger trying to get through a small gap in the fence from a neighbouring garden.  It managed to push its way through, had a wander round the garden, seemed to inspect the bins which we couldn't see but heard, then wandered some more and then proceeded back to the gap. However it couldn't get through because the piece of wood it had pushed to get through, would not push back the other way. So it started digging to make enough room to get out.  It did get through and we didn't see where it went to after that. 

We have heard noises for a few nights so can only imagine it was the Badger and as this hole is usually covered by next doors bins, and they were moved yesterday for collection it found the hole.  I wonder where it had come from it must have walked quite a way and what it was looking for, I can only imagine food of some kind.

By the way I think it thought it may find some friends, I live on Badgers Close

Kerrie Botterill

6th February 2007